Which Circle Will You Choose?

For nine months you’ve been asking for 2020 to get behind you. You wish has been granted, now what?

What are you going to do with the new year that has landed in your lap?

Have you dived into it the same way you ended 2020? Or have you started applying the lessons you’ve learned from 2020?

Understand that it’s a choice. And you get to make that choice.

You can choose to spend the bulk of your discretionary time in the Circle of Concern. Or you can invest that time in the Circle of Influence.

If you’re stuck in the Circle of Concern, chances are great that you’ll have a mediocre year. After all, you’ll be using your time, energy, and money reacting to things you have no control over.

But if you invest you allow yourself to swim in the Circle of Influence, you’ll reap a bountiful harvest. You’ll reap that harvest because you’ll be investing your time, energy, and money responding to the things under your control.

The choice is yours.

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