Where Did You Lose Your Keys?

If you’ve had five failed relationships, is it on you or on your partners?

If you blame your partners, you’d be taking the easy road. If you took that road, you’d be guilty of searching for your lost keys on the outside when you know you misplaced them inside your house.

And as long and as hard as you look on the outside, you’ll never find them.

Therefore, as the common denominator, the answer to what led to your failed relationships is inside, not on the outside. The same holds true for everything else in life.

That means, your facilitator/teacher isn’t responsible for your learning, you are. Your supervisor isn’t responsible for your growth and development, you are. In short, in your hands, you hold the keys to your success in life and at work.

So until you start looking for your keys where you lost them, you’ll never find them.

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