Do You Have A Magic Number?

How many times are you willing to fall before deciding to give up?

Is there a magic number you’ve assigned yourself before saying, “Enough is enough.”

I hope you’ve not assigned yourself such a number. Instead, I hope you’re saying to yourself, “After each fall, I’ll find a way to get up.”

After all, success rests at the far end of failure—success is simply rising one more time than you fall. If after your tenth fall you lose the will to get up, you might have hitched your wagon to the wrong horse.

Therefore, before diving too deeply into the water, before hitching your wagon to a particular horse, it’s imperative you ask yourself, “Is this what I really want?” If it’s what you really want, and you’ve identified why you want it, you’ll find the strength to get up after each fall.

You’ll get up because each fall will teach you what not to do to get what you want. And if you apply what each fall teaches you, you’ll inch closer and closer to realizing your goal.

Remember, you matter. So, get up.

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