The 7 Abilities of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

If you were asked that question, “Are you an emotionally intelligent leader,” how would you respond?

Would you immediately respond in the affirmative?

Would you take a moment to ponder the question before ushering a response? Or would you respond with, “I don’t know.”

If you responded with, “I don’t know,” I would challenge you to ask those you lead if you are an emotionally intelligent leader. I promise you, if they’re convinced that you really want to know, they would give you an honest response.

Whatever response they give you, understand that you can learn to become an emotionally intelligent leader.

In other words, no one is born with all the abilities of an emotionally intelligent leader.

What then are the abilities of an emotionally intelligent leader? Please don’t be too quick to say, “It depends on who you ask.”

No, it does not.

In fact, to be described as an emotionally intelligent leader, you must possess and practice these seven abilities:

  1. Listen-ability (Actively listening to those you lead)

  2. Enlist-ability (The ability to enlist the support of those you lead)

  3. Appreciate-ability (Appreciating those you lead)

  4. Develop-ability (Consistently investing in the professional development of those you lead)

  5. Empathy-ability (Ability to feel what others are feeling)

  6. Relationship-ability (Building professional relationships with those you lead)

  7. Support-ability (Consistently supporting those you lead).

By the way, your effectiveness as a leader rests on more on your emotional intelligence than it does on your technical expertise. After all, isn’t it true that everything you do as a leader is done with and through the people you lead?

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