Who Do You Want, a fundraiser or an Executive Director?

Who Do You Want, a fundraiser or an Executive Director?

I am looking for an executive director. Why then are you highlighting fundraising skills more than leadership skills?

While it will be difficult for the organization to operate without funds, it will be impossible for it to fulfill its mission with a team that believes in its mission. In other words, people you must always put people first.

In addition to people skills, ensure that your next candidate is:

  • self-aware

  • authentic

  • a life-long learner

  • a strategic thinker

  • resilient

  • collaborative

  • a problem-solver

These are only a few of the skills of an effective executive director. More than anything else, understand that there’s no prescription for your situation. That means, your direction must be based on an analysis of your situation. It’s always different from someone else’s.

And that’s the way you’ll ensure that you get what you want.

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